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Current Projects

The Trust and its subsidiaries always have a busy workload and the following are just some of the current initiatives:


Community Broadband (Skyenet) - Bringing a better broadband service through wireless technology to remote parts of the peninsula. 


Forest Enterprise - We continue our work to ensure the ability to provide split logs and woodchip. The completion of recent harvesting has given us sufficient stock pile for the next few years, our work is now set to look to establish longer term supply.


The University of the West of Scotland are undertaking a long-term pine weevil study in Tormore Forest, which started in March 2018.


We are looking to develop our Forest School with Emma Micski. This is an exciting and interesting opportunity for young people.


The Tree Nursery Project, at the entrance to Tormore, has been funded by the Postcode Local Trust, and will enable school children, young people, and their families to grow trees that will form a part of the replanting work for the forest. In time, we look to offer the chance to grow seasonal vegetables and plants too.


We are building a 34kW Micro Hydro Scheme on the Allt A' Cham Aird burn in Tormore Community Forest. The capital for this project was fully raised through a community share offer in 2020/21, providing an opportunity for the community to invest in the Trust's renewable energy activities. 

We look set to continue our work with Anaerobic Digestion. Although we can no longer gain a Feed In Tariff (FIT) for the unit, we can consider biogas as an output. Our last feasibility study left us considering where we could gather feedstocks from, as locally, there was insufficient of the type we required. We are now looking a little further afield and hope this next stage of the work will give us further information as to whether an investment in an anaerobic digester will be worthwhile.


Our work with Sabhal Mòr Ostaig considering a Sporting Facility for Sleat is also continuing.



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